The Italian Renaissance

The Renaissance


             The Renaissance, which means rebirth, lasted from the 1300's-1600's.  Florence, Italy was the center of the Italian Renaissance.  There were many famous artists at that time; artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Botticelli.  The Renaissance was based on the classical world of Rome and Greece.  Greek and Roman examples inspired new styles of architecture, new approaches to arts, and new ways of thinking.  Trade and commerce and the growth of city-states helped support the Renaissance.  The renewed interest in classical culture brought more and more new ideas.

         To me the most important thing about the Renaissance is the art.  I believe it gives inspiration to others.  The beauty is magnificent.  To make a statue look as if it were the same person standing before you is absolutely amazing.  To make a painting seem as if you were looking at it in real life is positively wonderful.  On this site you will learn about Renaissance art, trade and commerce, and Italian city-states.