The Italian Renaissance

Renaissance Art

   Renaissance artists created sculptures, murals, drawings, and paintings.  The goal of most Renaissance at was to show the importance of people and nature, not just religion.  Renaissance artists were inspired more by classical art than medieval art.  Classical and Renaissance art tried to show people as lifelike and engaged in everyday activities.  They also tried to capture the world as it is.  Renaissance art reflects a rebirth of interest in the classical world.
            There are many characteristics that you can look at to see whether or not a piece of art was made in the renaissance.  Here are some characteristics of renaissance art:

     -Artists show religious and nonreligious scenes

     -Art reflected a great interest in nature

     -Figures were lifelike and three-dimensional, reflecting an increasing knowledge of anatony

      -Bodies look active and were shown moving

     -Figures were either nude or clothed

     -Scenes showed real people doing everyday tasks

     -Faces expressed what people were thinking

     -Colors were shown responding to light

     -Paintings were often symmetrical

     -Full backgrounds showed perspective

                                                                      Mona Lisa

                                                             By: Leonardo da Vinci



         You can see some of these characteristics that are used in Renaissance art by looking at the Mona Lisa (on the right).  For example, her face is mysterious but it shows emotion.  She looks lifelike and three-dimensional.  Scene reflects a great interest in nature.  The colors used are shown responding to light.  These are all charateristics that artists during the Renaissance used. 

                These are some of the amazing artwork of the Renaissance